Quality Assurance Program

At Pain Ease Naturopathic Clinic, we engage in continuous quality assurance programs with our doctors and support staff. We actively track any unusual occurrences and therapeutic reactions to ensure our treatments are being delivered safely and effectively.

Latest Infusion Therapy Technology

Naturopathic Infusion Therapy performed at Pain Ease Naturopathic Clinic is done using the very latest and best in infusion therapy technology.

Examples of technology used at Pain Ease include:

  • Safety-engineered devices – these devices minimize the risk of needlesticks and blood exposures in both peripheral and central line infusions for providers and patients
  • Only PVC/Latex/Phthalate free materials are used in bags, IV lines, catheters, etc. to avoid allergic or sensitive reaction and minimize environmental impact
  • Compounding or IV Bag preparation is done under a laminar flow hood in an ISO 5 environment according to USP 797 standards.

Naturopathic Infusion Therapy Safety at Pain Ease Naturopathic Clinic

At Pain Ease Naturopathic Clinic we take patient safety seriously and utilize infusion therapy industry standards to provide the basis for our Naturopathic Infusion Therapy practice. USP 797 is a US based guideline on how sterile products should be compounded or prepared for use in patients, we use the relevant sections of USP 797 to set our guidelines for preparing sterile products for intravenous administration.