Vitamin B12 Injection in Milton

B12 shots are a great way to boost those energy levels – fast! By directly injecting this important vitamin, with or without the addition of folic acid, we can bypass the complicated steps involved in absorbing B12 from your food and you’ll notice the difference! You’ll feel an increase in energy almost immediately!

There are many steps required for you to properly absorb vitamin B12 from your food, and if your digestion is impaired in any way, chances are you’re not getting the levels you need to feel energized. People with celiac disease, Crohn’s or colitis, or other inflammatory bowel conditions aren’t able to properly absorb B12 and other nutrients from their diets. While we work on reducing the inflammation, B12 shots can be a great way to get this essential vitamin. Digestion is also affected by stress, and if you’re under a lot of it, a B12 shot can be a great way to give you an energy boost while we work on reducing your stress levels.

Vitamin B12 is only found in meats and animal sources, like dairy. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you might be missing out on this important nutrient. We can help educate you on how to obtain well-balanced proteins from your diet, and in the meantime, we can get you the vitamin B12 you need, fast, so you can feel great!

Vitamin B12 injections in Milton can also be used to help relax muscles and decrease pain. Injections directly into affected areas and trigger points can provide fast relief or muscle aches and pains, and provide you with added nutrient support at the same time. For a consulation please visit our homepage or call us today!